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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our BBQ Team Made The News - The Pork University

Better late than never:

Memphis, TN has some of the best food in the country.  Soul food and BBQ being not small among them.  So naturally, Memphis is the place to have the World Championship of BBQ cooking.

This is our fourth year competing in the World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest; and while we haven't placed in any of the major categories yet, we have had a good time doing it and even had members place in the smaller categories along the way.  So at least we have some trophies.

This year one of the local news stations was doing a daily update on how the contest was going and did an interview with one of our main chefs.

Video below the  break,

He is never one to shy away from a camera!

As always, the weekend was a great time and we ended up taking 2nd in Seafood and 39th overall in the Pork Shoulder category which is the most competitive in the contest, featuring teams from all over the world.  Each of the four years we have competed we have moved up in the rankings.

Next year: Top 25 here we come!

Maybe one day I will get some pictures on here.


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