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Monday, September 21, 2009

Vintage and Modern Motorcycle Design

Just like everything else, it seems that everything old is new again in motorcycle design.  I'll start by saying I do not have a bike at this time, at least not a motorized one.  So I can't talk about the thrill of driving a chopper or crotch rocket.  I can however, and do, appreciate the design that has gone into a good looking bike.  I never really paid much attention to motorcycles until I started watching, of all things, American Chopper.  They really do a good job of showing the work that goes into these bikes.  So here are a few pic of bikes I have found that I like and in a few cases would like to own one day.

The Art Deco lines of this BMW, actually designed in the 20's and 30's could be passed as something new and modern:

1930's BMW - My favorite from a design standpoint.  This bike's production run was never begun due to the war.  The only surviving unit was found in a box and restored in 2007.

1953 Triumph
Harley Davidson Iron 883

My favorite, flat track inspired Harley with Husqvarna tank:
Honda 'cafe cruiser' style

1963 Husqvarna

 Confederate Motors gets the industrial design nod for the following bikes:

Victory's CORE Concept is another good one:

And my favorite future concept is the hubless bike

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