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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Black Conservative

Glenn Beck had a good show on Friday 13th last week about and for Black Conservatives in America called "Time to be Heard".  He dedicated the entire show to this group, who many people think do not exist.  Maybe thats why he aired it on Friday the 13th.

I just caught a few minutes of the show before I had to leave so I found it and posting it here for future reference.  One of the discusions I heard was how liberal politicians enact policies to keep poor blacks in poverty by handing out welfare so they will continue to vote for them.  The problem is that this welfare is barley enough to live on but not enough to help people move up in life.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Clasic Men's Wear from Land's End

I grew up in a house where the Land's End catalog was a staple in the seasonal mailbox.  I always though of it as a kind of generic catalog though with a few good things thrown in that were always at a good price.  But never really ordered anything from it.  Now, they have a new line called Canvas 1963 with a lot of worn and vintage looking pieces along the lines of the current resurgence in Americana.  I might have to order a few things now.

The Real Gitmo

Steven Crowder visited Guantanamo Bay Prison and talked to the members of our great military who are charged with the security there.  He said the biggest problem they have is keeping Cuban citizens OUT of the prison. 

click to watch on youtube if you can't see the whole frame.