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Thursday, December 17, 2009

8 Tax Strategies to Consider Before 2010 | MintLife Blog

8 Tax Strategies to Consider Before 2010 | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice

Dirty Bomb Diaries

Came across Dirty Bomb Diaries on YouTube today.  Looks like a video blog diary drams style online series about what would happen if a bomb went off in your city.  Seems to be along the lines of Discovery's recent reality based series on the same subject.  The trailer looks good and Im going to watch the rest when I get a chance.

Judge asked to block wild horse roundup in Nevada - Yahoo! News

Judge asked to block wild horse roundup in Nevada - Yahoo! News

This just does not make any sense to me and I hope Congress ends up protecting these amazing animals before they are removed forever.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thoughts of the Founding Fathers

It would help many Americans to go back and study the words and works of our Founding Fathers, they are just as relevant today as ever.

     ...."if men were angels, no government would be necessary and if angels governed men, no limits on government would be necessary. Because neither men nor the governments they create are angelic, government and limits on government are both necessary for ordered liberty. Politics may tell us what we want to do, but the Constitution tells us what we may do and we must keep those separate. The ends do not justify the means for one simple reason – liberty. Liberty requires limits on government power, it always has and it always will.
                                       --James Madison

-John Trumbull's work depicting the five man drafting committe presenting their work to Congress.  Seen on the back of the $2 bill.

To Go West... my next goal.  I have been to Colorado once, now I want to visit the rest of the Western States.

It's amazing to me that there are places on Earth that look like this:

Antelope and Deer Valley:

I will have to go see this place soon and be able to publish my owns pics from there, and since its close to the Grand Canyon, I'll have to make it a multi-park trip.

Grand Canyon:

Levi's and Walt Whitman

Levi's ad campaing featuring Walt Whitmans poetry, "OPioneers!".  Two classic Americana entities combined.

AMC's Guide to Drinking Like the Mad Men

In case your in need of a vintage cocktail, AMC has posted a guide to mix your favorite vintage fire water.

AMC 1960's Cocktails

Old Fashioned


Mint Julep

Tiger Woods SNL skit!

If you haven't seen it, the Tiger Woods skit SNL did last week was great! 

 see it here

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Black Conservative

Glenn Beck had a good show on Friday 13th last week about and for Black Conservatives in America called "Time to be Heard".  He dedicated the entire show to this group, who many people think do not exist.  Maybe thats why he aired it on Friday the 13th.

I just caught a few minutes of the show before I had to leave so I found it and posting it here for future reference.  One of the discusions I heard was how liberal politicians enact policies to keep poor blacks in poverty by handing out welfare so they will continue to vote for them.  The problem is that this welfare is barley enough to live on but not enough to help people move up in life.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Clasic Men's Wear from Land's End

I grew up in a house where the Land's End catalog was a staple in the seasonal mailbox.  I always though of it as a kind of generic catalog though with a few good things thrown in that were always at a good price.  But never really ordered anything from it.  Now, they have a new line called Canvas 1963 with a lot of worn and vintage looking pieces along the lines of the current resurgence in Americana.  I might have to order a few things now.

The Real Gitmo

Steven Crowder visited Guantanamo Bay Prison and talked to the members of our great military who are charged with the security there.  He said the biggest problem they have is keeping Cuban citizens OUT of the prison. 

click to watch on youtube if you can't see the whole frame.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » Guardian: Pretentious Moi? — Suffering With ‘Actor-Speak’

Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » Guardian: Pretentious Moi? — Suffering With ‘Actor-Speak’

This is a very funny article about the "non-skill" of "acting". It really mirrors what I have been thinking and saying recently. I am a big fan of movies in general, but I can't stand it when they act like acting is something more than it is.

FTA: “And, lo, they kept a-coming: there was “our craft” and “the journey one goes on”. To finish, actor Christine Baranski announced that “acting is like creating life”. Considering this comment came straight after the clip showing her in the sitcom Cybill, that seemed a pretty awesome claim. Shrieking onset at Cybill Shepherd v being God –I guess it’s six of one, half-dozen of the other. …"

I do have respect for actors and  some are definetly better than others. There has been a place for actors in human societies for thousands of years, just don't pretend like its a skill.  I recomend reading the entire article.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Military Surplus

I could look at sites like this all day. is great.
Any place where I can buy, with just a few clicks; a machete, a gas mask, a parachute, a grenade, camping gear, and a canteen so I don't get thirsty while parachuting with a machete and wearing a gas mask; has got my approval.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Hollywood, Jews and Guns

This article discusses how the Jewish faith views guns, gun ownership and self defense and how these rights have been taken away by power hungry people and groups throughout Jewish history.
A few months ago the author wrote his first-hand account of being in LA during the rodney king riots. A strong line from the story is when they are trapped in a theater and people keep saying that the police will be there any minute, of course they don't come because they are overwhelmed. That story is linked within this article and should be read if someone has not seen it.

Big Hollywood � Blog Archive � Jews and Guns

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday and Fall

Valet is a good men's blog I read sometimes.  As with most fasion blogs and mags in general just because they say something is a trend or looks good doesn't mean it is or does.  That being said, here is some of the better essentials for fall they have featured recently:

Beard Face Wash for "No Shave November"
Plus it has a Skull......sold.

Required for football games

               Gap Oxford Cloth

Gap Benjamin Plaid

Happy Friday!.... and Work....FU till Monday!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Old Suits and Shirts?

I have some old suits I inherited that are waaay too big for me, some old shirts that have good plaid still but I will never wear again and some old blankets that are too dingy or worn to use anymore.  I was going to get rid of all these things until I came across these pictures of pillows made from various plaid material.  The site that listed them was selling them for $140 each.  Now Im going to have some $140 pillows for cheap, as long as I can find someone who knows who to sew.


The Collection - The Montgomery Garrison

The boot I will have very soon:

The Collection - The Montgomery Garrison

I have been watching their website for months for this boot and they are finally coming out this month! A great boot company making a great vintage style WWII combat boot that is good enough to wear anywhere. Its good to see more and more companies going into their history to remake the classics.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Preserving Freedom and Federalism: What's at Stake for Americans in the Health Care Debate

"Abstract: "Federalism" is no outdated concept. The founding fathers of the American Republic are the authors of a brilliant design of the distribution of political power between the national government and the states. Under the Constitution, the federal government is responsible for the general concerns of the republic; the state governments are the custodians of the people's trusts and are authorized to address their particular concerns. This is the essence of federalism -- and precisely what is under attack in the massive health care bills currently under consideration in Congress. Former U.S. Representative from Florida Thomas C. Feeney explains what is at stake for every American."

Preserving Freedom and Federalism: What's at Stake for Americans in the Health Care Debate

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hunting Slide Show at

Im not sure whats going on at GQ. Either, someone is getting fired for letting this slip through the cracks, or they are starting to wake up to what normal red-blooded Americans like to do.

Guns? Hunging clothes? Hunting trips? I have to give them credit though, they actually found some good, useful peices. Not too sure about the $600 gun case though.

Game on: GQ Hunting slide show


The (New) Conservative Agenda: GQ Features on

Stumbled upon a good feature on GQ's blog about two things that interest me, men's fashion and politics.
There are some great looking suits in the slide show, now I just need to win the lottery so I can buy them. The Glen Plaid is my favorite, might have to find a cheaper version of that one.

The (New) Conservative Agenda: GQ Features on

Monday, October 12, 2009

Guns and Skulls

A new post on the firearm blog about a new Remington ACR (Advanced Combat Rifle), which is a great looking and functional weapon system, had a video by the folks at Advanced Armament Corp who were showing the rifle and a silencer they are making for it.  But of course the first thing I notice is the t-shirts they are wearing in the video, skull and crossed rifles as bones, so I had to go check out what they had.  And I have to say, I will most likely be ordering 1 or 3 of these:


Any combination of skulls and guns and Im sold.
I might have to start reading their blog too, it looks pretty good.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bobby Jindal - Some Republican Ideas for Health Care Reform -

Im trying not to make this a political blog, but I keep finding things I want to save for myself if nothing else. I keep hearing misinformation from the agenda media about certain sides are holding things up or don't want to help the country.

I think for the most part, as evidence by a previous article posted here, that most of our representatives are working more for themselves than for us, We The People. Thomas Jefferson argued for strict term limits because he believed that if being a representative became a life long career, they would cease to keep their constituents ideals at heart and work more toward their own re-election. We are firmly in that situation now.

Back to the point. Here are a list of Conservative ideas to reform the healthcare system, since they seem to be non-existent to the agenda media. A fact that also seems to be left out of the argument is that America already has the best healthcare in the world.

Bobby Jindal - Some Republican Ideas for Health Care Reform -

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Super 80's Awesome Movie!

Can't wait for this.  It's probably going to be bad too, but bad in a super awesome 80's kind of way!
Just look at this line up:

We can only hope it will be in 3-D!

Just Drive

I would love to take off and just drive like this one day.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Congressional leaders fight against posting bills online | Washington Examiner

Congressional leaders fight against posting bills online | Washington Examiner

Shared via AddThis

Our so called 'representatives' are fighting a bill that would allow us to see the contents of the bills they are passing?!!! Time to throw out any and all who vote against this, they are obviously not working for We The People anymore. They are working hard to take power away from us, we should work just as hard to replace them with representative who do work for us!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mark Levin Interviews Stephen A. Smith

I was surprised to see that Stephen A Smith was on Mark Levin's show.  He has some great things to say that I did not expect to hear.

This shows that you can't assume anything about people.
Stephen A Smith's discussion is a refreshing line thought from someone who is actually looking at policies instead of giving a full approval based on someone's political affiliation.

We can only have a better country by asking more questions.

Monday, September 21, 2009

To the Last Day of Summer 2009!

This is the last day of Summer 2009.
It was another good one.
Actually one of the better Summer's of my life based on the number of crazy, fun and exciting things I've done.   
Here is what Im drinking to toast the great summer of 09!

The Dark n Stormy!  Which is appropriate for the end of this Summer since it has been raining for 8 straight days!

Vintage and Modern Motorcycle Design

Just like everything else, it seems that everything old is new again in motorcycle design.  I'll start by saying I do not have a bike at this time, at least not a motorized one.  So I can't talk about the thrill of driving a chopper or crotch rocket.  I can however, and do, appreciate the design that has gone into a good looking bike.  I never really paid much attention to motorcycles until I started watching, of all things, American Chopper.  They really do a good job of showing the work that goes into these bikes.  So here are a few pic of bikes I have found that I like and in a few cases would like to own one day.

The Art Deco lines of this BMW, actually designed in the 20's and 30's could be passed as something new and modern:

1930's BMW - My favorite from a design standpoint.  This bike's production run was never begun due to the war.  The only surviving unit was found in a box and restored in 2007.

1953 Triumph
Harley Davidson Iron 883

My favorite, flat track inspired Harley with Husqvarna tank:
Honda 'cafe cruiser' style

1963 Husqvarna

 Confederate Motors gets the industrial design nod for the following bikes:

Victory's CORE Concept is another good one:

And my favorite future concept is the hubless bike