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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Movies For Guys - Christmas 2010

Yes, it is time to start shopping for Christmas.  This is a public service announcement to help all you last minute people get a jump on it this year.  I'm starting with movies because they are just generic enough to be a good gift for almost anyone and I'm listing movies guys like because I know what I like/what is good.

With Netflix and the Internet, getting movies to watch is becoming easier to do, so I tried to select movies that are good enough to be watched over and over.

Please add your own in the comments if your favorite is not here.

Also, if you're a lady or buying for a lady, Amazon has all the movies you could imagine, although I heard something about the twilight saga :eclipse being popular...I don't know.

Guys movie list:

Casino Royale (2-Disc Widescreen Edition)  - Had to start off with some Bond.  For the super fan there is also the super James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set.

The Pacific (HBO Miniseries) - I wasn't able to see the entire season when it was on TV because we were changing cable providers and missed the last half, but the episodes I saw were extremely well done.  If you or your gift recipient like historically accurate dramas along the lines of Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan , The Longest Day (Two-Disc Collector's Edition), or documentaries like WWII in HD, then The Pacific would be great for their stocking.

Avatar (Original Theatrical Edition) - This has it all, Aliens, Space, Battles, Battles with Aliens in Space.  Really, what more is there when it comes to movies?

Predators - The previous sentence applies to this one as well.  The latest movie in the series that started with the best - Predator (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - although some say this is good enough to be a prequel to the original.

The Expendables - Or as I like to call it "Super 80's Action Movie"! 

The Departed (Widescreen Edition) - Twist on a classic 'cops and robbers' set in Boston.

The Blind Side - Had to get some Memphis love in here.  Great story with a good message.

The Hurt Locker - Oscar winning story about what our soldiers go through depicting them in a positive light when it seems that most in Hollywood seem bent on portraying them as all crazy murders.

If those on your gift buying list prefer the classics:

The Magnificent Seven (Special Edition) - Too many "Man's Man" actors to list.  Classic, must-own Western.

North by Northwest (50th Anniversary Edition) - Classic Hollywood, Alfred Hitchcock.  Not the "scary" that usually is associated with Hitchcock such as Psycho.  This is a case of mistaken identity that has the lead character starting to believe he is someone else.  One of the movies I hope they never re-make. 

For the younger guys; most of us have a few on our list:

The Goonies (25th Anniversary Collector's Edition) - This movie it 25 years old!?

Toy Story 3 - Quality message, as all the toy story movies have.

How to Train Your Dragon (Single Disc Edition) - Have to admit, I have not seen this but I would like to.

Since they don't even show these on t.v. anymore (do they?):
Peanuts Holiday Collection (It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown / A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving / A Charlie Brown Christmas) (Deluxe Edition) - because your little guy can't grow up without learning a very important lesson about girls.  Any girl holding a football for you, just might pull it away right when your kicking it.

I know there could literally be hundreds more on this post, but his is just a quick list for now.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Gifts for Guys list coming soon.....



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  2. haha I know, thanks. I was trying to be creative at the time. But then I realized people would just think I misspelled it.