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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Six Flags New Orleans, Still Abandoned

And still standing, but not for much longer.

First off, New Orleans is always a good time, and tourism is a great way we can help them since it is one of the main aspects of their economy.  We rode the train down from Memphis last year after Christmas, something I always wanted to do, and the views and people on the train were very interesting.  It took a little longer than driving, 8 hours, but it is well worth it because you can relax, listen to music, read or have some wine instead of worrying about driving the car.   My pictures can be seen here.

Apparently New Orleans had a Six Flags, I had no idea, and it has been closed since Katrina came through.  Some enterprising person has recently filmed some very creepy but well done footage inside the park.  My favorite part is the empty swings blowing in the breeze.  I have seen videos of this type involving clandestine missions in abandoned buildings under the cover of darkness, but according to the video, this one received the blessing of the City of New Orleans.  I like the fact that the city allowed this to happen before the park is gone.  Too many things have been destroyed without so much as a picture.  

It made me think of the Discovery Channel show "The Colony".  The recent season was filmed in New Orleans in an abandoned few blocks of city.   See video below:

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