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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a Dapper Gent's Travel Tips

I have noticed this the past few times I have been at the airport or the train station.  People dress to "be comfortable", in their "juicy" sweatpants, but they end up looking like the just rolled out of bed.  A rule I like to follow is to dress like you want to be treated and the author of the article below seems to agree and says that dressing up a few notches will get you better attention from flight attendants and security personnel on your travels.

Read the article here via Valet, via Gilt's MANual

The MANual also has a good list of tips on How To Pack For A Weekend Getaway.

P.S.  Even though it is called the MANual, ladies could find some good tips in the travel article as well.


1 comment:

  1. I totally agree. At the airport lately, it seems like the world just rolled out of bed - or worse, they are dressed appropriately for a marathon television session.

    I have always felt that while traveling, especially by plane where people will be not only seeing you but serving you, it is appropriate to dress up, not down.

    So long as I am not going to freeze, I will often try to wear a skirt, which has the double advantage of not including too many metal parts to trigger the metal detectors. At the least, a nice pair of slacks or blue jeans is better than having JUICY plastered across your rear-end.

    What impression do you want to make on the world at large, anyway?