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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Southern Legends

Found great article in Garden&Gun about a Legendary Southern Shotgun with roots in Memphis.

It is called The Legend of Bo Whoop.

"More than sixty years ago, the South's most famous shotgun went missing. Here's the story of how it was found"

Garden&Gun is actually a really good magazine that I used to subscribe too, but at the time, it seemed to get a little pretentious.  So I canceled it and now just read in online if there is something good.  The above article is one of the good ones.  I'm a fan of History in general anyway.  If you throw guns and Memphis in there, I'm hooked.
Next time I'm over by Ducks Unlimited I need to remember to go check out these pictures and maybe see Bo Whoop in person!

 above from Field&Stream via Garden&Gun.

 pics from Garden&Gun


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