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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little Known American History Should Be More Emphasized in Memphis

Very interesting History lesson.  Apparently he does a show on Founding Fathers every Friday.
It seems that some facts about American History and Black History in America as related to our founding have been erased, or at least marginalized, over time.   If children knew there were more figures involved in the Founding of America that they might be able to identify with; maybe they would be more inclined to learn about it....

This show has encouraged me to do some research on my own about this topic.  I will be looking into the books, paintings, and leaders discussed.  Hopefully it will at least do that for others also.  We need to get away from the racism and hate that permeates our culture and media today.

"The first Emancipation Proclamation was the Declaration of Independence"

Update:  Further research:


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