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Monday, December 27, 2010

Sports Analogy - Man Up!

Many sources have been discussing the recent "wussification" of America.  In the arenas of movies; the male lead recently has become the meek indecisive lead; and there is a recent trend of always blaming problems on someone else instead of taking responsibility and fixing them.

This is directly applicable here related to traveling are; manners, responsibility and men's protection roles (I do realize that women can take care of themselves in most situations, this is not meant to spark a sexism debate), because traveling is most likely done as a group, either family or friends, the man must be at least aware of what is going on around him and the people he is with. 

Blogs such as The Art of Manliness discuss the issue every day on their Website and with their book, and Big Hollywood hits on it every now and then.  Now a sports blog devoted to The University of Memphis athletics has brought up the issue in a recent column in which they advise athletes, fans, media and all others reading it to "Man Up".

As they discuss, it seems that he role of the man in society might be changing, but something that does not change is the fact that we need to stop this blaming others that everyone seems to be doing lately and take responsibility for their own actions.

While the article is based on sports, the advice can be applied to situations in everyone's life on a daily basis.

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