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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Google Maps' New Biking Directions Lacking in Memphis. Update: Memphis has no bike trails.

I can't wait to check this out:

Why Google Maps' New Biking Directions Could Be Huge - Business - The Atlantic

This seems like it would not only be good for finding routes in your own city, but also for finding routes when traveling.


Lifehacker   has an article about this also.

Here is Google's Lat Long  blog talking about the new bike routes.

Update 2:
Google helps show us something we already knew; Memphis is pathetic when it comes to biking around town.  Now we have a Google inspired graphical display of how pathetically lacking our city is when it comes to bike trials.  I'm just glad construction on the Greenline has started, because the way Memphis is, our city leaders will probably come up with some way to bring race into this.

The only bike trail they have mapped in Memphis is the VE Greenline, so I sent an email, with links and maps, letting them know we have a pretty good amount of trails and designated bike paths in town with some more under construction.  Hopefully they will be updated soon. 
I will have to ride up to the VE Greenline soon since I didn't even know it existed.


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