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Friday, February 12, 2010

How Castro gets his famous supporters to say he is great and not a murderer.

Very enlightening article on a defector form Cuba who worked in their intelligence service bugging famous people's hotel rooms and survailing them 24 hours a day.

Castro gets them to say nice things about his murderous regime through blackmail.

Castro’s top intelligence people would gather for the screenings of these tapes almost like Hollywood types for an upcoming movie, reports Fernandez.  “Hummmm, these scenes are more scandalous than anything in any of her movies!” Fernandez recalls a top intelligence officer chortling while watching the nighttime cavortings of a famous Spanish actress. “Now, it really seems to me, compaƱeros,” the Castro intimate snickered as he looked around the room, “that this seƱorita should be making more respectful comments about our regime, right?”

I recommend reading the entire article here:
Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » Castro Catches Useful Idiot Celebs on Candid Camera


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